Choose glass

Choose glass

Firstly: taste

Glass packages are neutral. This means that they do not change tastes of beverages and food contained in them.


Secondly: health

Glass is an inactive material and does not enter into chemical reactions. There is not a slight bit of fear that its previous contents could penetrate its structure. Glass package does not allow oxygen to get inside, which causes that food contained in it remains fresh and keeps its nutritional values.



Thirdly: comfort

It is easy to keep jars, in which food is contained, in cleanliness. Furthermore, this is a durable packaging that can be used multiple times.


Fourthly: environment

Only natural ingredients are used in glass production (quartz sand, calcium, sodium carbonate). This makes that packages do not cause any threat to the environment equilibrium when they decompose. Furthermore, the glass characteristics allow it to be re-used.


Fifthly: prestige

Glass bottles became “synonym” of the Premium Brand. Producers of, for example, mineral waters decide to use glass packages to assure the highest quality of their products.


Sixthly: collecting
Glass packages are not only useful, but also have the aesthetic function. Sometimes, individual shapes or colours of glass packages become part of collections.