Crown corks

The crown type of closure (also known as a Cap, Beer Bottle Caps) is one of the most popular glass bottle closures. The steel closure was invented by William Painter, an American inventor, in the year 1892. He established the Crown Corks & Seal Company that is known at present as the Crown Holdings. It is still involved in the production of caps. Interestingly, initially the sealant was a specially cut out disc that tightly sealed the beverage in a glass bottle after it had been squeezed with a metal sheet.

We have two types of caps in our offer—fi 26mm and fi 29mm—in the following versions: twist off, pry off, and twist off soft touch.
Since recently we have been selling caps starting already from a single cardboard box (10 000 pieces). On the Client’s request we make lithographies. We employ graphic designers, who can design a lithography for you.

Regular colours

For our customers we have crown corks 26 mm in many regular colours available within 24 hours. It allows for rapid supplying breweries and beverage producers with the necessery amount of caps.

Available colours:

Twist-Off caps

Twist-Off clousing for glass bottleswith 535 finish. We have set 3 patterns for this twist-off caps available in our stock rand ready to be send withih 24 hour.

Branded caps

To increase recognizability of the product, we recommend creating a personalized cap with graphics/logo adapted to the product and label. We can use the client's graphic if one has or the design of the cap can be taken care of by our grapfic deginers.The creation of a ready-made batch of painted caps takes only a few weeks. For the valuation, we need to estabish a few fact, among others: order size, number of colours, type of seal, or if the cap will have additional security or variants.

Colour - The basic service is colour painting. Graphics can have several colours. The price depends on their quantity, for example: a black cap with white logo will be counted as a two-colour print.

Twist-Off - A crown cork adapted to be unscrewed (glass bottle neck finish number 535). A thread is extruded on the cap, which allows you to unscrew the cap from the bottle at once. This solution is more convienient for the customer because it does not need a decapit. We recommend using graphics when designing the information that this cap is unscrewed.

Double DAL Enamel - This is an additional protection from the surface of the painted cap. Crown corks are less susceptible to scratches after such protection.

Laser - By the use of a laser technology we can decorate the bottom of the cap. We can put additional information about the product or informing graphics in the middle part of the seal with the laser.

Transparent seal - A standard seal is milk colour. The customer can choose additional option which is a transparent seal.

Oxygen absorbing seal - This solution absorbs a small amounts of oxygen remaining inside the bottle during the bottling process. This process can have a positive impact on expiration date of the product.

Matt - In addition to the standard enamel in gloss, we can create our caps in matt colours.

Selective matt - This painting service allows you to cover selected detail with matt colour.

Print off set - In case of multi-colour graphics, we recommend the option of printing off set. This allows full colourprinting in high resolution. Particularly recommeded when creating a cap collection.

Sample projects: