Novelty in offer! Premium Kegs from PolyKeg

Novelty in offer! Premium Kegs from PolyKeg


At the beginning of 2019, Promet company became the official distributor of one-way kegs from PolyKeg SRL.

One-way kegs from PolyKeg are premium products for storing and transporting beer that feature increased resistance to pressure. The container has additional rim which protects it against shocks and bumps and allows stacking kegs in the stacks, which greatly facilitates their transport.

- one-way keg
- application: beer, wine, cider, soft-drinks, etc.
- excellent shelf life, thanks to a special high-barrier polymer blend
- “O2 free”
- stackable keg
- nominal working pressure: max. 3,5 bar
- burst pressure: ~10 bar
- PRV® (Pressure relief valve)
- AirbagKeg®

Kegs adapted for types: A – S – G – D – M