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crown corks (caps), contact closures (covers), aluminium screw caps (screw caps), as well as jars and glass bottles.

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Promet Sp. Z.O.O. Sp. K. Company, formerly Promet spółka Jawna, begun its business activity in 1992.
At the beginning of its existence the Company produced caps for beer, beverages and mineral water bottles.
As the market developed, the Company broadened its range of assortment adding such glassworks products as jars and bottles and their closures. Currently we possess a broad range of glass packaging types and their closures, namely: Crown Closures (Crown Cork, Twist off, Twist off-soft touch), covers and screw caps of different dimensions.

Our products are adjusted to logistical requirements of every group of clients—we pack them into proper packages. Such packages can be put into cardboard boxes, heat shrink film of the sizes and quantity chosen by the Client.

We also offer products for retail customers. For this purpose, we have created an online shop, where you can buy products related to the distilling alcohol, brewing and winemaking industries.


Our offer!

In our offer you will find a broad range of packaging types and series of closures that are fitted to our products

We are looking forward to cooperate with you!

At present, our main recipients are:

  • regional breweries
  • craft breweries
  • mineral water bottling plants
  • producers of juices and beverages
  • fruit and vegetable processing plants
  • meat and fish processing plants
  • oil pressing plants
  • producers of tincture, wine, etc.
  • bee farms
  • household appliances warehouses and stores

Promet Group

Promet is not only packages

PROMET Sp.j. – trading company that supplies crown corks (caps), contact closures (covers), jars and glass bottles to a number of companies in Poland and Europe.

PROMET TRANS Sp. z o.o. – transport and shipping company that offers a broad range of logistic services (TLS).

PROMET CARGO Sp. z o.o. - transport and shipping company that offers a broad range of logistic services (TLS).

We are shareholders of the Uzdrowisko Wysowa S.A. Spa. Its fundamental field of business activity is spa treatment and production of the Wysowianka mineral water, as well as Józef, Henryk and Franciszek mineral waters that have therapeutic characteristics.