Crown corks

The crown type of closure (also known as a Cap, Beer Bottle Caps) is one of the most popular glass bottle closures. The steel closure was invented by William Painter, an American inventor, in the year 1892. He established the Crown Corks & Seal Company that is known at present as the Crown Holdings. It is still involved in the production of caps. Interestingly, initially the sealant was a specially cut out disc that tightly sealed the beverage in a glass bottle after it had been squeezed with a metal sheet.

We have two types of caps in our offer—fi 26mm and fi 29mm—in the following versions: twist off, pray off, and twist off soft touch.
Since recently we have been selling caps starting already from a single cardboard box (10 000 pieces). On the Client’s request we make lithographies. We employ graphic designers, who can design a lithography for you.